Deux Frères Gin have a new bottle design

It’s not unusual for a gin brand to get a new look. But that an established brand creates a design-protected bottle is anything but ordinary. In today’s special newsletter, I am pleased to be able to tell you the news as a primeur. Florian and Gian Grundböck are the brothers behind the “Deux Frères” brand. […]

Best music for gin and tonic delight

We have created a Spotify playlist for you. Listen to it at the next opportunity – and by the way, this sound also goes well without gin… Gin and tonic in the glass and chill music on the sound box. #cheers! Subscribe to the Spotify playlist and have fun on your next gin and tonic […]

Gin is popular! Why exactly?

Wacholder Beeren oder besser Zapfen ausgeleert auf einem Überseekoffer

Gin has been the fastest growing spirit for a few years. Each country has its own timetable, i.e. a starting point from which a small to large gin wave emerged in the country. Usually, local gin brands are at the beginning, paving the way for many to follow. This happened in Germany around 2010 with […]

No big events from about GIN in 2020

COVID-19 is on everyone’s mind. Due to the measures taken by the Federal Council in Switzerland, events are currently not allowed. Gastronomy closed. Clearly from next week it goes slowly back to the new everyday life with the virus. Because defeated is COVID-19 then not. This means that if events are allowed to take place […]

When is Gin, Gin?

Gin is the same as juniper? Not quite, because in order to be allowed to declare your gin, you need another plant ingredient besides juniper, that is, a botanical. The literature speaks of 120’s possible ingredients found in the world’s gin diversity. A current trend is to make a gin that tastes good with as […]

Multimedia GIN Page

Gin belongs to a good bar menu as the tennis ball to tennis. Even if we love tennis, we prefer to write about gin and tonic. We start our multimedia story with the part of Gingeschichte in the bar. How has the gin developed over the years? How did Gin manage to come back after […]

Gin tonic and mosquitoes

How do we like to sit outside in the summer and enjoy the evenings with friends at the lake? If there were not the stupid mosquitoes and their stings. We see this with our friends. We each wondered if our blood does not taste the bloodsucker. Now we know why: Good News: Gin & Tonic […]

Preparations for a gin-kitchen party

Juniper has been part of the kitchen for years. Those who enjoy wild game in autumn time have often come into contact with the dark berries. Whether in sauerkraut or meat, juniper is perfect. The most creative people are in the kitchen. Of course not always. Many things are repeated and some people never want […]

How medicine became a trend product

Which tonic would you like? A question that is asked again and again in a good bar around the globe today. Of course, the good bartender recommends the right tonic from his point of view. Guests want the perfect mix of GIN and tonic. The GIN market has grown steadily and continuously over the last […]

It is hay fever time in Tokyo

In Japan, the hay fever epidemic is raging – as bad as ever before, as friends report. Somehow blatant, because in the land of the rising sun, this year is not a fattening year, as we had 2018 in Europe. No, it’s a homemade problem! Prior to 20-30 years, cedars were planted in Japan’s […]

Happy Birthday Hendrick’s GIN

Everyone has their own GIN story. We try to throw these stories boulvardesk into big pots, because if we meet colleagues from the similar age war, then there are three camps: – GINlovers– GINhaters (can only vaguely remember GIN & Tonic evenings)– and who have never drunk alcohol or just stopped. Today we address everyone […]