Gin Tonic Box No. 4 – “For moments of pleasure”

Our fourth Gin Tonic Box is now available in our online store and invites you to enjoy moments of pleasure. With the five gins from The Botanist, BCN Gin, Malfy Originale, Bombay Bramble and Deux Frères there are exciting products in the box. The tonic products from Erasmus Bond (Indian Tonic), Fentimans (Ginger Beer), Schweppes […]

The Gin Tonic Box III – «the young and wild ones»

Our third gin and tonic box has the interesting name “The young wild ones”. Exciting combinations that Peter Jauch has put together. Three of the five gins come from Switzerland. Turicum from Zurich, Gin 1616 from Bern and Mr. Green from Waadt (distilled in Aarwangen). The three are from Malfy rosa from Italy and The […]

“GIN – Das Buch” is in its 2nd edition

«GIN – Das Buch» gives a lot of pleasure. Within two months, epicureans have stocked up on the book. There are still copies in the trade or at the classic online stores… We are revising the “Drunk” section, giving new and existing brands the opportunity to appear in the gin and tonic section. The second edition […]

Gin and Tonic Box No. 2

Our second Gin Tonic Box (Gin Tonic Box No. 2) invites you to a home tasting. We have again combined exciting products under “sea breeze meets classic”. Compiled by Peter Jauch, author of «GIN – Das Buch». In addition to the “young” classics Bombay Sapphire and Monkey 47 are two Mediterranean gins from MALFY con Arancia from Italy and Le Tribute from Spain. […]

«GIN – Das Buch» was nominated

In the last few weeks we got the news twice that “GIN – Das Buch” had been nominated for awards. We are of course very pleased. Who likes not to win prizes? Every athlete likes to be on the top podium at the Olympic Games. This is a nice recognition for the work we have […]

Best gin and tonic combinations

Mini Gin Produkte von Cloudy Passion, Beefeater, Hendrick's Gin, Gin 27 und Gin 1948 werden kombiniert mit Tonic Waters von Tom's, Aqua Monaco, Fentimans, Erasmus und Thomas Henry

With the publication of “GIN – The Book” at the end of October 2020, the desire arose among friends that they get the gin and tonic descriptions converted into tasting. This was the occasion to put together gin and tonic boxes with products from the book. Most of the gin descriptions in the first edition […]

“GIN – Das Buch” will appear at the end of October

The first coffee table book “Gin – Das Buch” by Peter Jauch will be published by AT Verlag at the end of October. You will immerse yourself in the world of gin and get to know many people who are on the road every day in the name of gin. You get to know people […]

How medicine became a trend product

Which tonic would you like? A question that is asked again and again in a good bar around the globe today. Of course, the good bartender recommends the right tonic from his point of view. Guests want the perfect mix of GIN and tonic. The GIN market has grown steadily and continuously over the last […]

Happy Birthday Hendrick’s GIN

Everyone has their own GIN story. We try to throw these stories boulvardesk into big pots, because if we meet colleagues from the similar age war, then there are three camps: – GINlovers– GINhaters (can only vaguely remember GIN & Tonic evenings)– and who have never drunk alcohol or just stopped. Today we address everyone […]