Buy «GIN – Das Buch» 2nd edition

It was like a little odyssey. “GIN – The Book” appeared at the end of November in the 2nd revised edition. Finally and five months later as originally planned. We are very excited about the new edition. This was completely revised in the gin part. Thus are now over 100 new Gin products with in […]

«GIN – The Book» is on exhibited!

Anja Prestel, the photographer of “GIN – Das Buch”, exhibits pictures of gin cocktails. You and your work were judged by the top-class jury Photo Switzerland chosen. Congratulations dear Anja to your first exhibition! We are happy that we could be part of your last year. The book is of course also next to the […]

“GIN – Das Buch” is in its 2nd edition

«GIN – Das Buch» gives a lot of pleasure. Within two months, epicureans have stocked up on the book. There are still copies in the trade or at the classic online stores… We are revising the “Drunk” section, giving new and existing brands the opportunity to appear in the gin and tonic section. The second edition […]

«GIN – Das Buch» was nominated

In the last few weeks we got the news twice that “GIN – Das Buch” had been nominated for awards. We are of course very pleased. Who likes not to win prizes? Every athlete likes to be on the top podium at the Olympic Games. This is a nice recognition for the work we have […]

“GIN – Das Buch” will appear at the end of October

The first coffee table book “Gin – Das Buch” by Peter Jauch will be published by AT Verlag at the end of October. You will immerse yourself in the world of gin and get to know many people who are on the road every day in the name of gin. You get to know people […]