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In the last few weeks we got the news twice that “GIN - Das Buch” had been nominated for awards. We are of course very pleased. Who likes not to win prizes? Every athlete likes to be on the top podium at the Olympic Games. This is a nice recognition for the work we have done with the team. Many topics were easy to handle, others were backbreaking work and still are today.

Because winning prizes is one thing, selling the book is another. There are examples of pretty, interesting books that couldn't sell 1000 copies, but won a number of prizes. The feedback so far shows that “GIN - The Book” is well received by those interested in gin. They already have more than half of the print run at home. Of course we are even more pleased with such news.

Here are everyone who, in addition to the brands and people in the book, made the project possible:

... core team:
- Anja Prestel, Photographer
- Philipp v. Keisenberg, Book design
- Peter Jauch, editor, concept and author
.... Authors of the gin part of ginvasion:
- Vanessa Schwan
- Sebastian Schuster
... and to all employees of the AT Verlag:
- Carla Schmid, production
- Liliane Licata, Administration
- Monika Schmidhofer, editing & proofreading
- Brigitte Bosshard, Communication CH
- Gina Ahrend, Communication DE
- Cordelia Speich, Sales CH
- Sibylle Schmid, Sales DE
- Michael Günther, Publishing Director DE
- Urs Hofmann, Publishing Director CH
- Urs Hunziker, Publishing Director CH
"GIN - Das Buch" was nominated for the following book awards:
- German Book Prize in the "Drinks" area
- Cookbook Fair, Paris in the category "Wine tourism"
We will keep you up to date.
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