The first Gin reader will be published by AT Verlag at the end of October.

You will immerse yourself in the world of gin and get to know many people who are on the road every day in the name of gin. You get to know people from 24 courtyards, Munich, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Berlin, Hamburg, Hagen, London, Newcastle, Graz, Ehrenhausen an der Weinstrasse and Zurich.

Key points «GIN - The Book»
- Hardcover with punching including foil lettering
- Format: 25 × 28 cm
- Volume: 432 pages
- Paper inner workings 140g
- Edition of 5 copies
- Sales DA CH in bookshops and selected liquor dealers as well as specialty shops.

You will find two compendia in the book, one on gin and one on fillers (focus: tonic). Most of the texts in the Gin Compendium are from ginvasion. The pictures in both compendia are from Anja Prestel, Munich. It was important to us to have a uniform visual language in the browsing section. Anja was also always there with her camera on the travels. Layout comes from the pen of Philipp v. Keisenberg, Munich.

Questions about the book: will be forwarded to the publisher.

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