Juniper has been part of the kitchen for years. Those who enjoy wild game in autumn time have often come into contact with the dark berries. Whether in sauerkraut or meat, juniper is perfect.

The most creative people are in the kitchen. Of course not always. Many things are repeated and some people never want to eat something new ... The author knows what he is talking about. 😉 Luckily there was a brother who always brought something new to the kitchen. Three years ago, the gin found its way into the kitchen and it was the start of many tests. Here is an excerpt:

  • GINoloese
  • GINdue
  • GINsotto
  • GINbohnen
  • GINicecream
  • etc.

The whole thing has gone so far that in a conversation with three trained chefs, a new event format was created. Why not cook gin in dishes and in each one? From appetizer to dessert? Here is an insight into the preparations:


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