Different points are responsible for GIN's on the one hand a revival and on the other a conquest of Europe around the globe. One point is that juniper grows on the northern globe almost everywhere and is therefore available in large quantities. In order to be able to assign its spirit to the GIN, only one more botanical is needed besides juniper. The result is a variety of tastes that no other spirit can offer. GIN can delight any taste and therefore anyone who drinks alcohol. Meanwhile, there is even the non-alcoholic GIN.
This variety of tastes is ours during our bar-raids through Vienna, Munich and Zurich. Talking to interesting barkeepers, the idea was born to launch a GIN Erlebnis Festival. This was the end of 2016. It took two years for the festival to take place in Zurich at the 25hours Hotel. The visitors dived completely into the worlds of the individual GIN brands. In addition to the worlds ranging from London's dark street canyons to safari tents, visitors visited interesting masterclasses of international GIN sizes. There are also several premieres nationally and internationally.



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