Do you know GIN-Battles? An interactive event format in which both producers of GINs and the audience play a role. The producers fight with their GIN for the favor of the audience, which selects the winner of the evening. Understandable? For further details just read on ...

Three GINs, three rounds, three minutes, a ring, and one evening.
Before there is a winner, the GIN producers have measured in three rounds. Like in a boxing match, man against man. We at about GIN do not let two fight each other, but it's a three-way fight. A so-called Local Hero welcomes two challengers who are trying to get the audience on their side. Unlike in the boxing match, all means are allowed.
One focus theme per round. In Round 1, visitors learn more about the botanicals distilled in the GIN. The origin story is usually very entertaining and is the focus in round 2. Finally, the GIN producers have a carte blanche to win over the visitor.
Of course, visitors also get small portions of GIN to try. Pure. Gin and Tonic. Gin cocktail.
The next GIN Battle Event took place on 11. April at the Hiltl on the Langstrasse 84 in Zurich.
GIN 1616 from Bern, Bisbino GIN from Ticino and Turicum GIN from Zurich get to know each other in one evening.

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