In Japan, the hay fever epidemic is raging - as bad as ever before, as friends report. Somehow blatant, because in the land of the rising sun, this year is not a fattening year, as we had 2018 in Europe. No, it's a homemade problem!

Prior to 20-30 years, cedars were planted in Japan's plateaus to promote indigenous timber production. Actually a nice thought, only the Japanese wood industry prefers to buy foreign and cheaper cedar to make furniture. In Japan, for example, cedars are growing ever stronger and stronger from year to year. The winds blow the pollen into the big city Tokyo. This is one of the reasons why even more people with face protection are traveling in the metropolis at this time of the year.

For allergy sufferers the worst are the flowers of the 20jährige cedars. This should not actually exist. But since the wood industry buys cheaper woods from abroad, other solutions have to be produced: - These go to the fact that among other things pests are bred, which reduce the bloom splendor by 80-90%. GIN acts like an antihistamine, as a study from 2017 shows:

Photo credit: Kinobi GIN with Kleenex handkerchiefs - best combination for hay fever.



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