Everyone has their own GIN story. We try to throw these stories boulvardesk into big pots, because if we meet colleagues from the similar age war, then there are three camps:

- GINlovers
- GINhaters (can only vaguely remember GIN & Tonic evenings)
- and who have never drunk alcohol or just stopped.

Today we address everyone who had a bad GIN & Tonic experience 15 or 20 years ago. 😉 Since most were in a Sturm und Drang phase and tried out one or the other. And of course we overestimated the ability of one's own liver to suffer at one time or another. GIN is a spirit drink with an alcohol content of at least 40 percent, because you can ever count. 😉 There has always been a lot happening in the GIN environment. Today there should be about 7'000 GINs.

This teenage year is springing up from the teenage age Hendrick's gin 2019 is the birthday of the 20igsten Male. The Hendrick's GIN is considered a harbinger of GINs with a less intense juniper note. It is already considered a classic and is often served with cucumber and pepper and enjoyed. At about GIN, we like to enjoy our GINs without trimmings. Why will you ask, because these trimmings are perfect for the eye. Since we agree to 100%, for us the Distiller are really big girls and boys. Therefore, we celebrate their product unadulterated and not additionally supported. Simply ice cream, GIN and tonic.

Is there a favorite GIN for you? If yes, which? Which is the perfect place for this favorite GIN? And hey which tonic tastes best for you?

By the way, our favorite TONIC for Hendricks GIN is a classic Thomas Henry best of all about the GIN Tumbler.

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